What do we do?

Gesto uses data intelligence, an experienced consultancy team, and a variety of services, in order to deliver value to their clients. 


How much value do we supply?

Gesto makes it easier to choose and to manage your health plan both with intelligence and technology in order to reduce costs, to take better care of people and to save time.



  • Coleta de Dados

    Improve time management and resources

  • Redução de custos

    Cost reduction

  • Gestão de afastados

    Take better care of people



Who do we do it for?

Gesto understands that to generate value for its clients we need to acknowledge and fulfill the needs of all those who are involved into the health issue:

CEO – How can we control the cost increases in the health plan so that the health of the business is not affected?

CFO – How do we maintain the foreseeability of price readjustment and invoices. How do we know when it is time to migrate to an accruals mode of payment?

HR – How do we ensure that benefits remain competitive in order to hire and retain talents? How do we automatize routines in order to leave more time for what is really important?

DOCTOR – How do I identify the risks of my population and decide where to act first? How do I show the results of my interventions?

EMPLOYEES AND FAMILIES – Can I count with a health plan that satisfies my needs? Will I be well looked-after when I or someone else in my family need it?


How do we do it?

Our management methodology has been proved to work in more than 150 companies and it is made up of 4 stages: Diagnostics, Action Plan, Execution and Results.


Diagnostics – we listen to you and we answer your business questions:

• Am I paying too much or too little for what I get from my health plan?

• Can I save without losing out on quality?

• How much will I spend on health next year?

• What are my population health profile and risks?

• What can I do to change my risk level?

• How do I measure and show the results of these actions?

• How does my benefit fare in comparison with the market?

• How do I improve on my daily routine so that I have more time left for what is important?


Action Plan – our experience of more than 15 years in the field, powered by data science, has taught us to prioritize and plan the higher return actions (ROI), and that is exactly what we are going to do in your action plan: prioritize actions, define the metrics and the objectives and elaborate the execution chronogram.

Execution – it’s time to roll up your sleeves. GST has a multi-skilled team and a network of partners all ready to execute your action plan or teach your team how to do it.

Results – follow up on everything on-line. Your indicators and metrics will be available in real time and you will also receive reports with the most important analysis which we will have highlighted for you.



In order to establish context of GST – Gesto Saúde e Tecnologia performance scenario, estimates indicate that Brazil will spend in 2015 over 10% of the GDP with health, and the private sector gets the biggest part of this budget, that covers BRL 6 in each BRL 10 invested in health. Expense with health is the second biggest cost within a big company, only staying behind of payroll. In addition, the range in medical and hospital costs (VCMH) calculated by the Institute of Supplementary Health Studies (IESS) - entity created by the health operators - annually has double-digits growth in proportions higher than inflation, for example. In 2014, health in Brazil becomes 16.5% more expensive.

The forecast for 2015 is that it reaches 18%. In other words, in a practical way, companies´ health cost highly increases and affects directly its financial health.